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Tips for different use cases

With different aim, the Demo should be run in different ways. We give here some tips about using the Demo in the following use cases.

Quick understanding of BSFS

This is the simplest case of usage. We assume that the user only wants to know how BSFS works with Hadoop. Just launch the Demo with a relatively short reservation time as 2 hours. Then, run several single tests, and read the traces of the tests, it is quit easy to understand the principle. For more details of BSFS, the user can refer to this page.

Demo for visitors

If the user need to prepare the Demo for visitors. It is better to prepare the reservation one or two hours before the visitors come, since the deployment Demo image is quit time consuming and tedious.

Assume that the visitors will come at 2 P.M., then it is recommended to launch the Demo at 11 or 12 A.M. with a long reservation period as 4 or 5 hours. When the visitors arrive, the Demo can start immediately some single or chained tests, and visualize the test results.

Please note that in this use case, the number of reserved nodes is better to be less than 20. Otherwise, the demostration may take too much time and becomes boring.

Use for experiment

This Demo can also be used as an experimental testbed. In this case, it is recommended to launch the Demo during the weekend so that the user can get the maximum number of resources on Grid5000 with a long reservation period. Then, the user can run different applications and benchmarks in a large scale, and try various tests configurations. The results can be shown directly by the visualization functionality.

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