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Here is explained how an image of centos62 and redhat62 has been created.

  1. Download iso of redhat or centos with version needed.
  2. Follow steps "preparation" (with reservation of 2 hours instead of 1)
  3. Download scripts and copy it on the reserved node
  4. launch “./ /dev/sda 3 5”
  5. launch “./ /dev/sda 3 5”
  6. launch “./ /dev/sda 3 5; exit”
  7. when the node is rebooted, follow step
  8. The step “ssh -X 'ssh -X SITE'” has to be done from another console on your local laptop
  9. Inside these console run command “ssh -X root@NODE “vncviewer :1””
  10. (If CentOS: you get desktop, double-clic to install on hard drive)
  11. You arrive to installation procedure: use “custom installation” so that you can choose to install on “/dev/sda3” and choose “/dev/sda3” to install grub/boot.
  12. You should get the desktop of redhat/centos, so you can save the image now follow these steps
  13. On this desktop, open a console and you just have to make a “mkdir -p /mnt/myos” and “mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/myos”
  14. Open a new console, connect to the site of grid5000 and launch the save “ssh root@NODE 'tgz-g5k –root /mnt/myos' > IMAGE_FILE.tgz”
  15. Verify the size by “ls -l” (example: -rw-r–r– 1 lcloatre users 281601076 Aug 5 17:22 myredhat62.tgz)
  16. Create an environment file an test a deployment.
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