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Connection to Grid5000

A Grid5000 account is the pre-condition to use the Demo.

If the user does not have the account yet, please ask for one using the following link:

Please make sure that the SSH connection to Grid5000 is correctly configured. Otherwise please refer to the following tutorial:

The demo can be installed and launched only after the user is connected to Grid5000.

ssh <login>

For now, the demo can be used only on sites Rennes, Lyon, Nancy and Sophia. For example, to connect to Rennes, type:

ssh rennes

The password required is the password of your Grid5000 account. The SSH connection should be well configured on Grid5000 so that the user can access to the site, here rennes, without typing his password. For the configuration, please refer to the following link:

Attention !!

If the user wants to use the visualization functionality, the following SSH configuration is necessary.

Please make sure that the user can connect to Grid5000 site directly by typing the following command:

ssh rennes.g5k

Otherwise, the visualization functionality cannot work.

List of command to allow ssh XXX.g5k

If SSH to rennes is OK…please go to next stepInstallation and launch

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