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Plugins by Topic

Various plugins are developed to enable BlobSeer to perform as backend for different upper layer applications.

BlobSeer FUSE

BlobSeer includes a FUSE module that is specifically written to extend its functionality with dedicated support for virtual machine image storage and deployment in IaaS clouds. In short, this FUSE module exposes a BLOB (in which the VM image was previously stored) as a locally modifiable copy-on-write snapshot using the standard POSIX access interface. Read more about ...

BlobSeer File System

As a large-scale distributed storage service provider, BlobSeer can perform as the storage backend of various data intensive cloud applications. The BlobSeer File System (BSFS), an intermediate layer between BlobSeer and Hadoop application, enables BlobSeer to offer its advanced storage system to MapReduce framework so as to optimize the efficiency of Hadoop. Read more about ...

Download BSFS-1.2.2

BlobSeer WAN

BlobSeer wan is an extension of blobseer used on different clusters using dupplicated version manager. Read more about ...

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