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The BlobSeer project was started in 2008 within the framework of the PhD thesis of Bogdan Nicolae, within the KerData team (Rennes, France) under the guidance of Gabriel Antoniu and Luc Bougé.

Currently, BlobSeer is being maintained by Loïc Cloatre (previously Zhe Li), Research Engineer funded by Inria through the BlobSeer Technology Development Action. Now based at IBM Research, Bogdan Nicolae is still actively involved with BlobSeer.

Several other people contributed to BlobSeer: Matthieu Dorier introduced bindings for Ruby and Fortran, while Benjamin Girault developed bindings for Python. Viet-Trung Tran is developing Pyramid, a software derived from BlobSeer, specialized for efficiently storing and accessing multi-dimensional data. Radu Tudoran is developing TomusBlobs, a software derived from BlobSeer, specialized for Azure clouds.

All these directions have been initiated under the lead of Gabriel Antoniu, with the BlobSeer project continuing as a basis for core research activities of the KerData team in the framework of several PhD theses carried out within the KerData Team: Alexandra-Carpen Amarie, Diana Moise, Viet-Trung Tran, Houssem Chihoub, Radu Tudoran.

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